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King's quality range of MS ERW Pipes are highly durable, have high tensile strength and resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for the diverse application in distinct roducts. Thus, these Pipes are widely accepted and used in the development of water supply housing, structural, agriculture, cold storage and automobile, telecom industries.

  • Construction Industries: Scaffolding & Structural Purposes
  • Light Engineering
  • Water Pipelines
  • Agriculture and Irrigation : Water Mains, Sewerage Systems
  • Industrial Water Lines, Plant Piping
  • Deep Tube-Wells & Casing Pipes
  • Gas Pipe Lines*Pipe Lines for
  • Natural Gas, LPG and other Non-Toxic Gases
  • Air & Water Flow System
  • Power Projects & Fire Fighting System
  • Ash Handling System
  • LP Piping
  • Idlers & Toughed Belt Conveyers
  • LPG Cylinder Supporting Rings
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